The Runaway Hearts

The Players

Marcellus Love – Lead and Background Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Emilio Virgo – Lead Guitar and Rhythm Guitar

Keyboards – Greg Hoffman

Bass Guitar – Arion Salazar

Drums – Javier Mora Torres

The Runaway Hearts

The Makers

Produced and Engineered by Reto Peter at The Teahouse

All Songs and Lyrics written by Marcellus Love and Emilio Virgo

Music Arrangements by Emilio Virgo, Reto Peter, And Marcellus Love

Music Videography by Diane Cordero

Video Editing by Diane Cordero, Dave Lopez, Marcellus and Emilio.

Shot on location at Allen Ling’s Farm and Vineyard, Talmage, CA

The Runaway Hearts

Behind the Scenes

Executive Producer: Allen Ling

Artist Management: Dave Lopez

Logo and Cover Art design by Marcellus Love, Emilio Virgo and Allen Ling

Final Logo and Cover Art by Zac Atkinson

Web by Trancefusion Design

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